Why Isn't My Foam Cannon Working?

Updated 6 months ago by Matthew Faris

There are a few factors that could be causing the issue so here are a few things you can try.

  1. Rinse out the plastic container with warm water and check that there is nothing clogging the tube.
  2. Try flushing the whole unit with warm water as sometimes soap can harden inside the unit.
  3. Check that the clear tube is securely attached to the top portion of the sprayer and inserted into the plastic container.
  4. Make sure the top dial is turned all the way to the right and not loosened too far left.
  5. Make sure to add 4-8 ounces of soap inside the container and fill remaining space with water.

Additionally, we recommend you watch the video in this article and try out the steps given there.

If you've done all of that and still haven't gotten it to work, please reach out to us here and send include a video so that we can try to diagnose the issue or send you a new Foam Cannon.

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